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by The Q

My Birthday Wish


Woo hoo!!! I’m turning 40!

To celebrate, I wanted to do something meaningful to support education and empowerment for girls in Afghanistan…a country & culture that has captured my heart.

The Afghan Institute of Learning is a non-profit organization founded by an amazing, brilliant Afghan woman named Dr. Sakena Yacoobi.

“Today, AIL reaches 350,000 women and children annually through its 42 program sites, including four health clinics and 38 education learning centers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Of the 400 Afghans that AIL employs, over 70% are women.” – Rahim Kanani, Forbes

I HIGHLY encourage you to read this inspiring speech that Dr. Yacoobi gave at a 2009 conference.

My goal is to make sure that 35 Afghan girls get to go to school next year. So I’m raising $10,000 in 2014.

Please join me this year and help me reach my goal by doing the following:

  • I invite  you to make a generous donation to this cause at ConnectHer.  Your gift will benefit a young girl who desperately wants an education.
  • If you are in a position to offer a matching gift that will encourage others to contribute, please contact me at:
  • Please share this initiative with others via email and social media.

Thank you for helping me make My 40th Birthday Wish come true by supporting girls’ education and empowerment in Afghanistan!

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