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by The Q

Texas Muslim Capitol Day


On January 31, 2013, Muslims from around the state of Texas gathered at the Texas State Capitol for a day of education and activism.  The day was organized by CAIR-Houston but there were several organizations forming the coalition that sponsored this day.  It was also made possible with the sponsorship and assistance of State Representative Lon Burnam’s office, which also sponsored House Resolution 237 which recognizes Texas Muslim Capitol Day.

The day began with a press conference at the front steps of the Capitol in which many Muslim representatives from various organizations spoke about the importance of being involved with the political process, and the responsibility we have to make sure our state’s resources are being used in the best possible way.   After that, the group met in a conference hall to receive training on legislative advocacy.  Following the training there was a luncheon and then groups of Muslims broke out to meet with their own representatives during scheduled visits.

It was an exciting, exhausting day but well worth the effort.  We met new friends, celebrated our citizenship, and showed our willingness and enthusiasm for  participating in civic life.  More than 250 Muslims from all backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups showed up and made a united show of community that day.

Some photos by some of the attendees:

Photos by MAS

Photos by Hassan Studio

Our local Imam Islam Moussad also had the honor of giving the opening invocation in the House that morning:


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