muslimahMERICAN - It's not an oxymoron.

by The Q

Hip. Hop. Hijabis. HELLS Yeah.

Hip Hop artists Sukina and Muneera are British born-Jamaican friends who converted to Islam in 2005 after being inspired by the autobiography of Malcolm X.  Inspired by the writings of Moroccan feminist author Fatimah Mernissi and using Hip Hop for its original purpose (an artistic expression of social and cultural criticism), the two have boldly stepped up and spoken out against FGM and other practices in contemporary Islam which contradict the authentic teachings of women’s equality.

They have been featured on Channel 4, BBC radio and Arte to mention a few and toured extensively in the US, Europe and as far afield as South Africa and Morocco, and now the two woman are the subject of a documentary film by director Mette Reitzel who set out to “challenge stereotypes of Muslim women as voiceless victims” as well as “encourage dialogue between different belief systems.”

You can find out more about the film and the crowd-funding campaign on their SPONSUME page.  I encourage you to donate, even a few bucks if you can, to the badassery that is Hip Hop Hijabis.

And now… the trailer!

Hip Hop Hijabis is an observational feature documentary that follows the personal and professional lives of Poetic Pilgrimage over three life-changing years. We go behind the scenes at major international events but also share the private highs and lows as difficult decisions need to be made. It’s an emotional, thought-provoking and engaging musical road movie that takes us on a journey through the UK, US and Morocco.

Though the film explores hotly debated topics such as sexism, extremism and racism in contemporary Britain, it is above all a universal story of friendship, love and ideals:

Hip Hop Hijabis -Trailer from Faction Films Ltd. on Vimeo.

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