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by The Q

Hope For Senegal: 25 for $25

Lycee Malick Sy is among the largest high schools in Senegal, a country with a 39.3% national literacy rate (29.2% for girls). Lycee Malick Sy serves over 4,000 urban and rural students and this year we’re raising funds to:

  • Provide 10 scholarships for girls;
  • Equip the science lab; and
  • Give the nurse the equipment and supplies to keep the kids healthy.

RIGHT NOW, we are attempting to be the first project on to raise 25 x $25 donations.  When we do, we will be awarded a $500 matching grant!

Please consider a $25 donation this month to Hope for Senegal and make a difference in these kids’ lives!


Last year Hope for Senegal raised money for Lycee Malick Sy High School, providing scholarships for girls and building a drinking fountain for students that must walk hours in the hot African sun just to go to school.

This year Hope for Senegal is back with a new set of goals!

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